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SpartanCoin Wallet Tutorial

SpartanCoin [SPN] Wallet Window
(SpartanCoin [SPN] Wallet Window)

SpartanCoin [SPN] is a type of coin or currency which is crypted, decentralized, freedom, and competitive. If you are feeling out of spartancoin wallet, you can read this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to use the wallet.

Download SpartanCoin Wallet

Click this link to choose which system wallet you want to download:

Download SpartanCoin

If you are running windows, you can simply download the spartancoin-qt-win32-[].zip file.

If you are running FreeBSD or Linux, you can check out the spartancoin github repository or fossil repository code to build from source. I suggest you to choose the fossil repo code, because the fossil repo code has been test on both FreeBSD and Linux enoughly and it's on active development.

Configure the SpartanCoin Installation

For Windows users, copy spartancoin-qt.exe to any place in your system, and send a shortcut to your desktop.

For FreeBSD and Linux users, you should know how to build spartancoin from source following the build instruction which can be found at

For Windows users, create a folder named spartancoin-data in your system, for example, create D:\spartancoin-data, then create a text file D:\spartancoin-data\spartancoin.conf and write these two lines in it:

Now right click the spartancoin shortcut on your desktop => click "properties" => append this at the end of "target":


Please notice that there is at least one blank space between them.

For FreeBSD and Linux users, the spartancoin datadir is commonly placed at ~/.spartancoin. If you set a different datadir, I guess you know how to do it. The spartancoin fossil source has integrated the inline addnodes, so you don't need to create spartancoin.conf, but you can if you want to customize.

For windows users, click the spartancoin shortcut on your desktop, then the spartancoin wallet will begin to run. For FreeBSD and Linux users, type spartancoin-qt command to launch the spartancoin wallet.

Boot SpartanCoin Wallet at First Time
(Boot SpartanCoin Wallet at First Time)

You can see a node-indicator indicating the nodes that are connected at the right bottom corner of the wallet window.

After launching the spartancoin wallet window at the first time, the wallet file named "wallet.dat" will be created automatically in your datadir.

Encrypt and Backup Your SpartanCoin Wallet: the wallet.dat file

Click "Settings" => "Encrypt Wallet ...", then you will get a prompt window to set your password, after set the password, it will ask you to restart the wallet window to finish the encryption, just do it.

Encrypt SpartanCoin Wallet
(Encrypt SpartanCoin Wallet)

First, close the spartancoin wallet window, making sure it is completely closed.

Then just copy wallet.dat in your datadir to a safe place as you wish. spartancoin Windows datadir is D:\spartancoin-data for example, FreeBSD and Linux spartancoin wallet datadir is ~/.spartancoin.

Copy wallet.dat back into your datadir.

Synchronize the SpartanCoin Blockchain Data

After running SpartanCoin wallet window at the previous step, the spartancoin blockchain data will be synchronizing automatically, you just only need to wait some hours to let it finish the sync.

You must completely sync the blockchain data to send and receive SPN "money" transactions. You can find a spartancoin wallet address in your wallet window. You can create more addresses as you want.

Copy SpartanCoin Address
(Copy SpartanCoin Address)

Buy SpartanCoin - SPN

Generally Speaking, it's cheaper to buy SpartanCoin than mining. You can buy some amounts of SPN to enjoy the economic value for many years:

Buy/Sell/Exchange SPN [SpartanCoin]

1 SPN = 100,000,000 spatoshi

1 spatoshi = 0.000,000,01 SPN

SpartanCoin - SPN - spatoshi - Spartancoin is easy to water flowers. Funny. Cheers! - Spartancoin είναι εύκολο να νερό λουλούδια. Αστείος. Στην υγειά σας!