[Build SpartanCoin] Boost and SSL version choice

Started by i-SPN, Oct 11, 2018, 08:08 pm

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If you use conservative boost and openssl libraries, you just need to checkout the spartancoin fossil code, open the master branch and build:
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$ fossil clone https://www.fossil.tiv.cc/xjail/spartancoin spartancoin.fossil
$ mkdir spartancoin
$ cd spartancoin
$ fossil open ../spartancoin.fossil

The default branch is master (trunk), so you don't need to append the master or trunk to the fossil open command.
The master branch supports boost version before 1.66.0 and the conservative OpenSSL version.

However, some operating systems have already upgraded the boost and ssl libraries to support the latest security features, at least FreeBSD will follow the latest boost and *SSL libraries. Then you should open the spartancoin boost-1.66.0 branch and build:
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$ fossil open ../spartancoin.fossil boost-1.66.0

The boost-1.66.0 branch of spartancoin supports boost 1.66.0+

SSL libraries Supported by spartancoin boost-1.66.0 branch:
openssl 1.0.2
libressl 2.7.4
libressl 2.8.1

Currently not supported SSL libraries:
openssl 1.1.0    -    openssl 1.1.x devel version
openssl 1.1.1    -    TLSv1.3 capable SSL and crypto library

About the OpenSSL 1.1.1 and the TLS 1.3 Support:
openssl111 supports the TLSv1.3 which makes our Internet more safe, but the version and code is not stable currently.
Using TLS1.3 With OpenSSL: https://www.openssl.org/blog/blog/2017/05/04/tlsv1.3/
After some period of suitable time, I will upgrade the spartancoin fossil code to support it, which is not so difficult.

After figuring out which boost, ssl versions you are using, you should know which spartancoin branch to checkout. Then you can follow these links to build spartancoin by youself, only modify what branch to open for building:

2019 Jan. Upgrade

openssl-1.1.1 branch supports boost 1.66.0+, openssl 1.1.1+, and has been merged to trunk (master) branch.