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SPN SpartanCoin is a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency. Help to build an open, harmonious, and active community.

SpartanCoin Xjail is a voluntary project to create some spartancoin related apps.

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Posted by Spartancoin Xjail on Wednesday, July 5. 2017


SpartanCoin News

SpartanCoin, Internet Freedom Coin

SpartanCoin Ticker: SPN

SpartanCoin News ↷

Start SpartanCoin Logo: Using SpartanCoin Logo
Shoot Plup 0.1 starter Released: Shoot Plup 0.1 starter
SpartanCoin New Exchange: SpartanCoin
vduckgo, a game: Shoot Plup
  SpartanCoin Xjail Wallet upgrades to OpenSSL 1.1.1

Using SpartanCoin Logo

Using SpartanCoin Logo

Shoot Plup 0.1 Released

Shoot Plup is a cross-platform x86 desktop 3D game.

Shoot Plup 0.1 starter

SpartanCoin New Exchange

SpartanCoin new exchange:

[Vduckgo Games]: Shoot Plup

Shoot Plup is a desktop 3D game by vduckgo.

Vduckgo Games - a game publish website.

game: Shoot Plup

SpartanCoin Xjail Wallet upgrades to OpenSSL 1.1.1

Download SpartanCoin

SpartanCoin Xjail logo is going to upgrade

SpartanCoin Xjail is going to upgrade in the recent future, mainly upgrading to a unique style logo.


vim-console: FreeBSD vim editor

Browser TLS 1.3 (TLSv1.3) Support

To have browser TLSv1.3 support, upgrade the operating system (FreeBSD to 12.0-RELEASE) OpenSSL 1.1.1a and upgrade to latest web browser (Firefox), then you can browse the TLSv1.3 enabled website (nginx).

FreeBSD Wiki: OpenSSL/1.1.1

Buy SpartanCoin (SPN)

Buy SpartanCoin at low price, investing it, you will have a wonderful future one more change.

Buy SpartanCoin

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