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How to Download SpartanCoin?

It is awesome if you have already experienced living SpartanCoin for lots of time. But if you have been storing your coins online and or have never downloaded and installed the SpartanCoin Wallet, you can read This Tutorial and Download SpartanCoin Wallet to configure.

1. Which OS You are Running

First, know what operating system you are running. There are four OS binary wallets existing on SpartanCoin Xjail: Windows, Mac OS, Linux and FreeBSD.

2. Select Wallet

Then, go to the download page and select the wallet for your running operaring system:

Generally Speaking, the windows and FreeBSD binaries have better ABI compabilities that can run on them with less problems, but the Linux kernel and Linux Qt ABI update so frequently that maybe you are unlucky to succeed running the wallet, then you should compile and build SpartanCoin from source code which is very easy and common on the server side.

SpartanCoin Wallet Build requirements:

3. Download

Download and Configure SpartanCoin.

Download SpartanCoin

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