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SpartanCoin - SPN - spatoshi

SpartanCoin Xjail - the New SpartanCoin Developers

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[SpartanCoin] SpartanCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency flying on the Internet. One of SpartanCoin advantage is that the SpartanCoin block transaction is very fast only needs 120 seconds. Another advantage is that the difficulty retargets every block using Kimoto's Gravity Well. The third advantage is the huge supply which let you enter at any time. The SpartanCoin currency swap symbol is SPN.

[SpartanCoin] the Spartan Currency


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SpartanCoin Xjail

SpartanCoin Xjail - the New SpartanCoin Developers. [SpartanCoin Ticker: SPN]

SpartanCoin - Ready for Games.

SpartanCoin - the Decentralized CryptoCurrency Flying on the Internet.

SpartanCoin - the Internet Freedom Coin.

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SpartanCoin Simple API Request [2019-05-10]

SpartanCoin Simple API Request

Add Two Languages [2019-05-09]

Hindi (India)


SpartanCoin Xjail Local Language Support [2019-05-08]

SpartanCoin Xjail supports some Local Languages. If your language is not in the list or you want to correct it, feel free to join SpartanCoin Discord to add.

English (US)



English (UK)










Chinese (Simplified)

Chinese (Traditional)

Map [2019-04-24]


SpartanCoin Docs [2019-04-22]

Create SpartanCoin Docs List Page.

SpartanCoin Docs

Working Revision 2.0 Done [2019-04-13]

SpartanCoin Xjail Home Working Revision 2.0 is Done.

SpartanCoin Xjail

SpartanCoin 1.2 Released [2019-03-31]

Using new logos made by SpartanCoin Xjail.

adopting openssl-1.1.1

Upgraded from to

SpartanCoin 1.2 is a milestone upgrading to SpartanCoin Xjail.

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SpartanCoin Xjail Announces to Take Over SpartanCoin [2019-03-11]

BitcoinTalk SpartanCoin

SpartanCoin-OpenSSL-1.1.1 Special Edition [2019-01-14]

SpartanCoin xjail fossil code has been upgraded to use openssl 1.1.1.

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xjail/spartancoin started [2017-06-24]

Read Paper xjail-spartancoin-project-announcement-0001-20170624 from:

SpartanCoin Papers

SpartanCoin - SPN - spatoshi - Spartancoin is easy to water flowers. Funny. Cheers! - Spartancoin είναι εύκολο να νερό λουλούδια. Αστείος. Στην υγειά σας!