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SpartanCoin Xjail - As this is not official genesis SpartanCoin issue organization, so I name it "SpartanCoin Xjail", that I wish it can help you to use and join SpartanCoin. [SpartanCoin Ticker: SPN]

SpartanCoin - Ready for Games.

SpartanCoin - the Decentralized CryptoCurrency Flying on the Internet.

SpartanCoin - the Internet Freedom Coin.

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Working Revision 2.0 Done [2019-04-13]

SpartanCoin Xjail Home Working Revision 2.0 is Done.

SpartanCoin Xjail

SpartanCoin 1.2 Released [2019-03-31]

Using new logos made by SpartanCoin Xjail.

adopting openssl-1.1.1

Upgraded from to

SpartanCoin 1.2 is a milestone upgrading to SpartanCoin Xjail.

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SpartanCoin Xjail Announces to Take Over SpartanCoin [2019-03-11]

BitcoinTalk SpartanCoin

SpartanCoin-OpenSSL-1.1.1 Special Edition [2019-01-14]

SpartanCoin xjail fossil code has been upgraded to use openssl 1.1.1.

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xjail/spartancoin started [2017-06-24]

Read Paper xjail-spartancoin-project-announcement-0001-20170624 from:

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